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Meet Angela

 I was raised in this community and am a proud graduate of the Spirit Lake school system. My first foray into politics was hanging signs for Berkley Bedell when I was in 7th grade and attending the American Legion Auxiliary Iowa Girls State.  I attended college at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion and graduated with Honors with a double major in Psychology and Secondary Education and a minor in Mathematics

After college, I moved out to the Silicon Valley. As a manager at Intuit, I effectively oversaw a budget that was larger than the entire current Dickinson County tax levy, which currently is sitting at $22,000,000. I then did business consulting, making structural process changes and directing IT implementations for medium to large companies. My IT background is important as we work to become paperless and push for all citizens to have strong, fast, inexpensive broadband access (which 2,000-3,000 residents of this county DO NOT HAVE!).

I moved back home to Spirit Lake almost 20 years ago. I am proud of my work at the Voluntary Action Center over the last 4 years. I count my grant writing to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Meals on Wheels and pet care for low income residents - along with my work on food insecurity - among my proudest achievements.

I have developed an extensive network of relationships while working on the many projects I am involved with. I have been a Lakes Regional Hospital board associate for over 6 years. I am a member of the Lakes Regional Dog Park board, the RSVP board, and Kiwanis board. I am now chairing the Dickinson County Hunger Coalition. I work closely with Brandon Rohrig at Public Health, Beth Will at Community Services, Andrew Fischer at the Y, Jason Harrington at Lakes Regional Healthcare, and many, many others. I do the hard work with them.

My top priorities are technology infrastructure, access to mental health care, and economic development. I will pursue high speed, low cost broadband for all. We also need someone to stand up and protect what we care so much about - the precious, natural beauty of Dickinson County (see my Environment page).

I have owned a small business in this community. I have shown leadership in community service and have an intrinsic desire to help the residents of this county.
Meet Angela



  • Effectively managed a yearly budget larger than the current $22 million Dickinson County budget
  • Owned a small Iowa business
  • Grant writing and fundraising for $200k+ in 3 years for Dickinson County citizens
  • Building solutions to meet the needs of those struggling with food insecurity 


  • Voluntary Action Center & Meals on Wheels Executive Director
  • Lakes Regional Healthcare Board Associate
  • Dickinson County Hunger Coalition Chair 
  • Kiwanis Board 
  • Lakes Regional Dog Park Board 
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program Board
  • Spirit Lake school system graduate

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Our Environment

Our Environment
We are facing an urgent threat - a defining challenge of our time.  Protecting the environment requires a clear definition and enforcement of individual rights and responsibilities regarding resources like land, water, air, and wildlife.
I believe in several common-sense principles. People are our most valuable resource, and human health and safety are the most important measurements of success. I support a careful regulation of waste and wastewater disposal/treatment.
Public access and funding for public lands for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and boating should be permitted on all appropriate public lands.
I support preservation of our wetlands and limiting new development in sensitive areas.
We need solutions to problems arising from pollution and agricultural practices. Non-point source pollution coming from runoff is difficult to control and regulate. In fact, according to the OPA, most efforts to control non-point source pollution are voluntary and unregulated. We cannot focus solely on West Okoboji Lake. The Little Sioux Watershed project is of particular interest. The Little Sioux River was recently called a “sewer” by a local elected official in a Dickinson County in a public meeting. Siltation in the East Okoboji Beach and Francis Sites area continues to be an issue and needs to be mitigated by a team of City of Spirit Lake, DNR, and Dickinson County officials.
Curlyleaf pondweed is an invasive plant that has caused navigation and lake access issues in recent years, especially where I used to waterski, swim, and fish as a child on the north end of East Okoboji. Under the right conditions, this underwater plant can form dense mats making it hard to get a boat through. Management strategies are mostly limited to spot treatments, while attempts to eliminate it have failed. For the sake of our native plants and recreational usage, larger treatment area control must be investigated.
We have a moral obligation to be good stewards of the God-given natural beauty and resources of our county.



Angela already embodies what the role of County Supervisor is all about: service. For decades, she has been a leader in Dickinson County, strengthening community ties, shining a light on pervasive problems like food insecurity and health care affordability, and lifting up the most vulnerable among us. Last summer, I was incredibly fortunate to see her love for community up close when we delivered meals together in Spirit Lake as part of the Meals on Wheels program. As Dickinson County Supervisor, I have no doubt that Angela will work tirelessly to better the lives of everyone in Dickinson County. For all, J.D. Scholten


I endorse Angela Kofoot for the following reasons: She has the corporate, financial and small business background needed by the Board in the coming months and years for tough financial choices during and post Covid-19. She has multiple connections within the community through her position as Executive Director of the Voluntary Action Center. She has proven leadership skills in pulling different groups together to accomplish mutual goals. She is skilled with technology, social media and marketing. In addition to those qualifications, her presence on the Board of Supervisors would continue the more than thirty- year history of some gender balance on the Board, a fact that I believe is critical to a full-functioning County Board of Supervisors. Like my predecessor, June Goldman, I believe it is the person before the party affiliation that is most important at the local level. Pam Jordan Retiring Supervisor, District 5, South Spirit Lake


Angela Kofoot is a tireless worker for the people of Dickinson County. A problem solver, she jumped right in to keep meals going out to our seniors when COVID-19 put their daily lifeline at risk. I know Angela will serve us well on the Board of Supervisors. I can't wait to see how her fresh ideas will enrich our county in the future. PAMELA A. WINGERT ATTORNEY AT LAW


My name is Diane Rottunda and I want to go on record as endorsing Angela Kofoot for a position on the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors. I have known Angela for most of her life. I have also had the pleasure of working with her in the past. I know her to be dedicated, honest, hardworking, problem solver and a very good listener. She is involved in several community services and excels at working with people. This also shows her love of the community. Please vote for her as I feel she would be a great asset to the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors.


Vote to End Hunger is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations all committed to ending hunger in the U.S. and around the world by 2030. We believe that it will take the combined public and political will to do this and are working together to elevate the issue of hunger with candidates during the 2020 election cycle.


Important Vote - I encourage voters to seriously consider Angela Kofoot as your choice for the open Supervisor in District 5. Angela was a member of one of the Spirit Lake H.S. softball teams I coached and I was impressed with her hard work in contributing to our having a very competitive, winning team. She was one of those team players who was unselfish, working to be the best player she could be. She has a great sense of humor, and was always supportive of her teammates and coaches! The lessons she learned as a hard worker and team player have carried over to her current success in her career and will be invaluable in her position as a Supervisor.


VOTE SMART When voters living in Dickinson County District 5 (South Spirit Lake) prepare to vote in our upcoming November 3rd election, they must make a smart decision. One man and one woman are running to become their new County Supervisor in 2021. One candidate is running as a Republican, the other as a Democrat. All too often the voters make the erroneous choice to vote based upon the candidate’s political affiliation. It is a common misconception to think that our county Supervisors base their actions and decisions on a political basis. WRONG! Once our Supervisors take their seats, all discussions, decisions, and actions are done on a non-political basis. Political affiliation is the wrong criteria for electing our county Supervisors. Knowing this now will simplify the voter’s best choice to fill this important county office. The smart voter will make their decision based on GENDER and the candidate’s personal CREDENTIALS. In 2001 I was elected to serve as a county Supervisor. For the subsequent 16 years, I served and sat on the Board next to Supervisor Mardi Allen and Supervisor Pam Jordan. I personally witnessed the tremendous contributions these 2 women made. They thought and solved problems differently than their male counterparts. Our new courthouse and controlled taxation were just 2 of their many contributions. These women proved to me that voting in QUALIFIED WOMEN on our Board of Supervisors is a MUST DO. Pam Jordan is retiring in 2020. Angela Kofoot is running for Supervisor in District 5. Her credentials are impressive. Out of her many qualifications, consider these: • Angela is well educated, with a USD bachelor’s degree in psychology and secondary education (mathematics minor, with honors), with an Oracle master’s in Manufacturing and IT Implementation • Angela has worked in managerial positions controlling $25M budgets and has done business consulting for many corporations • Angela is organized and is committed to faithfully and wisely serve a 40+ hour work week • Angela does not have a conflict of interest nor a private personal agenda • Angela has the gift of building group cooperation, not divisiveness Your vote for Angela Kofoot is the smart vote!

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Campaign Contributions

Campaign Contributions
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Drop off your absentee ballots in the secure metal box outside the west entrance to the courthouse, so you don’t have to go inside and put on a mask.


Wed 10/28: 8:15AM-4:15pm Thur 10/29: 8:15AM-4:15pm Fri 10/30: 8:15am-4:15pm Sat 10/31: 9am-5pm Mon 11/2: 8:15am-5pm


Folks in our district can vote in person at the EXPO Center on Tuesday November 3rd from 7am to 9pm.